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QSourceHighlight Class Reference

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Protected Slots

void highlightAll ()
void highlightSelected ()

Protected Member Functions

void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *event)
void highlight (bool onlySelectedLines=false)

Private Slots

void about ()
void configureHighlighting ()
void configureSourceHighlight ()
void currentStyleChanged (const QString &style)
void documentWasModified ()
void newFile ()
void open ()
void openStyle ()
bool save ()
bool saveAs ()
bool saveHighlighted ()
bool saveHighlightedAs ()
bool saveStyle ()
bool saveStyleAs ()
void showDocumentation ()

Private Member Functions

bool checkSourceHighlightSettings ()
void createActions ()
void createStatusBar ()
void createToolBars ()
void loadFile (const QString &fileName)
bool maybeSave ()
void readSettings ()
void reloadComboBoxes ()
bool saveFile (const QString &fileName, const QTextEdit *editor)
void setCurrentFile (const QString &fileName)
QString strippedName (const QString &fullFileName)
void writeSettings ()
void writeStyleFile (QFile *file)

Private Attributes

 the instance for showing help contents
QString binDir
 the path of the executable
QString curFile
QString curHighlightedFile
QString curStyleFile
srchiliteqt::LanguageComboBox * languageComboBox
srchiliteqt::OutputFormatComboBox * outputFormatComboBox
srchiliteqt::TextEditHighlighted * outputTextEdit
QString sourceHighlightDataDir
srchiliteqt::StyleComboBox * styleComboBox
bool styleModified
 whether the user customized the style with the color dialog
srchiliteqt::TextEditHighlighted * textEdit
Ui::MainWindow * ui

Detailed Description

Definition at line 28 of file qsource-highlight.h.

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